What's happening on Saturday 21st April, you ask?
Only our Ceremony of Installation and Investiture of Office-Bearers, that's all!
If you don't have a ticket yet, contact Charlie Munro on 07846 702614 - I can't promise, but there might be one or two left.

On Saturday 3rd February 2018 we held our Annual Burns Night. It was a fantastic event and is always very popular - so book up for the 2019
one as soon as you hear that tickets have gone on sale!

On Saturday 17th June there was a re-enactment of a
19th Century First Degree by the Northumberland Demonstration Team
It was a unique experience in Edinburgh, as the Degree was worked in costume and everyone was transported back to 1823 - unfortunately the bar prices remained in the current era.

We also welcomed some Austrian Brethren that day.
WS Master Wolfgang Trubel was accompanied by 7 of his Brethren from Lodge Kosmos, plus a Brother from Lodge Zukunft and one from Lodge Libertas - all in Vienna. I wonder what they thought about the Demonstration Degree?


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